A Simple Guide to Restaurant Bookkeeping

For restaurant owners, a few of the obstacles to success include difficulty making profits, wasted ingredients, high overhead, and long hours.  


Bookkeeping is one feature of restaurant management that’s often ignored. Unluckily, it’s hard to get caught up once you’re behind on your restaurant accounting.  

You shouldn’t let your Kelowna bookkeeping slip since the profit margins in the restaurant business are extremely tight. By the time you catch the problems, it might be very late to fix them if you are not monitoring closely your financials. 

Here are several fundamentals in Restaurant bookkeeping: 

Keep Track of Your Sales Every Day 

Knowing how to record your sales correctly is one of the first items you’ve got to understand.  

  • Keep Track of Your Sales Entries Daily 

For each day, you should keep track of your separate day-to-day sales entry. This technique will help you copy how the credit card and cash deposits hit the bank account of the restaurant. 

  • Create a Sales Report 

You’ll have to create some type of report in order to record the day-to-day sales. This report should summarize your sales.  

Almost every POS system in a restaurant will have a day-to-day sales summary included. You’ll have to work through the settings with your system if you want to customize the report.  

  • Generate a Day-to-day Sales Journal 

You should generate a memorized transaction in QuickBooks and set up a day-to-day sales journal entry after you’ve got a sales summary.  

Managing Accounts Payable 

Setting up accounts payable is the next step for your restaurant bookkeeping. If you want your vendors to continue working with you, it is important that you keep them satisfied.  

  • To do this, you’ve got to know how to pay bills and enter bills in QuickBooks. All of these errands are very simple to do.  
  • You’ve got to ensure that you print checks from QuickBooks if you’re cutting checks for your bills. With this, you can feed the payment details automatically into your QuickBooks account. Therefore, you won’t have to do unnecessary data entry.  
  • Paying your bills with online bill payment is another option that you can choose. You should first link your QuickBooks to your bank account and sign up for online bill pay feature.  


You’re at a huge risk if you do your own payroll as a business owner. The interest and penalties that will be assessed to you can be pretty big if you file them late or if you file your payroll taxes incorrectly.  

To make sure reliable and consistent accounting and paychecks, you can outsource your payroll. It is a required option and it is often affordable.  

Reconciling Your Accounts 

The only way to identify that you’ve recorded every single one of your financial transaction is through reconciliation. Aside from your bank account, you’ve got to reconcile every single one of your account. You have to reconcile payroll liabilities, lines of credit, loans, credit cards, bank accounts, and much more. This will make sure that you have precise financial reports.  

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Stamped Concrete Improves the Look of Homes

Stamped concrete mimics the look of real stone, which is why they are highly attractive. Buying stones, brick, or pavers and then installing them one by one can be a very painstaking task. With stamped concrete, you can achieve whatever design and look you want at half the original cost.  


Most concrete contractors, if not all of them, are experts in handling stamped concrete jobs. If you want to make sure, ask for the portfolio of your service provider. When it comes to stamped concrete, your imagination is the only limit. You just say what kind of look you want, and the skilled contractors will definitely create it for you.  

The Best Uses of Stamped Concrete 

Stamped concrete is best used for patios, garage doors, and even concrete walls. Very experienced concrete contractors can even duplicate the look of marbles and wood using concrete. That’s why this service is highly preferred. Stamped concrete makes it easier for homeowners to improve the look of their homes without breaking the bank.  

If you install stamped concrete instead of patio pavers, you can save as much as half of the budget. The look you’ll achieve is almost the same but the time, effort, and money invested won’t be as much. Stamped concrete can also resemble the patterns of slate, brick, stone, and tile. As you can see, the possibility is practically endless.  

Stamped Concrete Contractors  

If you live in the Fort Wayne area and you need qualified contractors, don’t hesitate to call some of the concrete companies near you. Many of the concrete contractors in Fort Wayne are licensed, bonded, and insured. These are the type of professionals whom you should hire because only through them you can be sure that you’re getting the best value for your money.  

So if you need to replace your patio pavers because it got damaged by the last hurricane, consider switching to stamped concrete instead. The latter’s more durable and it doesn’t require a meticulous installation process. Stamped patios are quite popular these days and it’s because they’re sturdier than most other options.  

Sidewalks and Driveways  

Aside from patios, you can use stamped concrete on your sidewalks and driveways as well. Many homeowners had done so and they were glad that they did. The result was a more attractive curb compared to simply laying down plain concrete on it. So don’t just repair your sidewalk or driveway. Give it a full renovation because your home deserves to have that modern look.  

Concrete is the material of choice for most outdoor installations because of the pressure, traffic, and element they are usually subjected to. If you were to install real stones, then there will be higher instances of cracking. This is especially true if the surface is uneven as the weight is not distributed in the same way.  

With a highly qualified concrete contractor in Fort Wayne helping you, making your property stand out from the crowd becomes an easy feat. This will best benefit you if you’re looking to sell your home in the near future.  


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Asphalt Driveway Installation Technicalities You Should Know  

Most property owners would like to be knowledgeable on the things that they want to be done on their home and not rely entirely on the expertise of the service providers. This is very true with asphalt driveway installation, as many of the contractors are hiding behind the technicalities of installing one.  


To quite understand what the service provider is talking about, try to understand the basics of asphalt driveway installation. Start with the mix type that is used to build an asphalt driveway. Learn how the contractor will go about the mix and what thickness is suitable for your driveway, depending on your requirements. The integrity of the mix should also be considered. You don’t really want stony mixes or ones that contain specialty materials.  

Asphalt Parking Lot and Driveway Construction 

If you want to install a conventional driveway or parking lot, settle for a densely graded mix.  Go for the finest blend to achieve the most appealing look and densest appearanceConsider a mix that contains sand as that will provide better matting and will shed water so much better. What’s more, it is easier to compact. 

There are mixes that are available from all places but be sure to purchase them only from reputable local producersThey will likely give you a mix that is made with the same contents used for large commercial works. You’re pretty sure that these mixes have performed so well in big construction work so it will work for your residential application as well 

Compaction and Paving Techniques 

Before you start paving the asphalt mix, you have to first make sure that the subgrade is already in its stable condition. If you’re installing the asphalt on backfilled areas, then you have to make sure that the soil is compacted very well and that it has settled very well. Drive loaded dump trucks or similar vehicles on the subgrade to make sure that the platform you’ll be working on is very stable. Once you’re done with the subgrade, place the aggregate base, shaped it and then compact. 

Remember that asphalt paving must only be done when the outdoor condition is good. Do not pave asphalt during rainy or cold weathers. Compaction is the key to building an asphalt pavement or driveway that will last you for a very long time.  

Hiring Pavement Installation Experts  

Pavement compaction should be done correctly to ensure its great performance. The best time to compact asphalt mixes is during sunny weather, and it should be carried out with the necessary equipment, more particularly rollers. If you need help with any of these, don’t hesitate to seek the help of the Champion asphalt driveway installation experts.  

They should know exactly what to do about your driveway and even provide you with suggestions that could ensure the strength and durability of the installation. They will also recommend maintenance options to maximize the lifespan of your asphalt driveway or parking lot. This is the main reason why you should only trust the experts for this kind of jobs.  

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Things to Consider About the Value of Your Garage

People might not think the value of the garage whether it could be a storage place for your things or for the car to keep them safe during the night. Others see this one as a positive side as it could give them a better value to the house especially if there’s no need for garage door services North Shore. Make sure that you maintain the good structure of it and even the materials that you used for making this garage possible as it could be the turning point, too. You could sell the house with the reasonable price or higher because of the good value that you have invested for the garage and the materials as well you used.  

There are many things that you need to be thankful for especially when you have the garage as it could be an additional point for you to have it there.  

  1. You could turn this one into something useful in the future like working area: If you love bring your work at home but you don’t have enough space to make your own office area, then you could use the garage as the working place. You could change the design so that it would not look like a garage instead you could have an air conditioner installed and change the ceiling to make it comfortable. If you want this one to turn like a real office then that would be find and then you could accept clients as well as you don’t need to rent. It would save you a lot of money from renting an office area in the city or to the next city where you are living and people would not worry.  
  2. You could make this one as an extra room or you could let someone to rent there: If you lack of an extra room in your house, then it could be a good way to use this one as a spare bedroom for your guests or visitors. You could change the walls to something more attractive and would feel good to your eyes and decorate with the curtain and chairs with tables or other things to put. If you don’t want to use this one as a bedroom then you could renovate it and then let someone to rent there or use for transient clients or visitors. It could generate incomes and would be able to help you have the bigger savings in the future for this kind of project.  
  3. You could have this part as your storage area or rooms for things that you have at home: This is a good location as well for your machines to keep as it is very safe from possible dangers like kids running around or the pets.  You could have some of your chemicals or substances to be kept here for safety purposes and avoid kids to reach them. You could put your car, vehicles and other things here whenever you need space to keep your old appliances or furniture.  
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Tips on How to Get the Office of Your Dreams

Looking for office furniture Kansas City can prove to be a challenge for some. But looking in the right places can definitely be the solution. But the question is, where exactly are the right places at? If you don’t know where to go, you only need to search the internet. It has been nothing but helpful these days. And looking for places has been easier than before. But sometimes though, more is required than just searching the net. You definitely should not stop when you found what you have been looking for on some websites. Go the extra mile to make that dream office a reality. 


Read as much as you can on their website 

After finding a particular item or service on their website, scan through their other product or service offerings. You never know when there is a better one than the initial one you chose.  Reviews and testimonials can also be of great help in making decisions easier. 


Talk to the right people 

Talking to an agent might not be the same as talking to the planner, designer, or manager. Don’t hesitate or be afraid to call for a higher position if you need to.  


Some goods or services might only be available online 

Some companies offer promos that can only be availed online or by personal appointment. Be sure to check the website, give them a call, or talk to them directly and ask about promos and discounts. Some companies even have free offerings if you have acquired one or two of their services. All you have to do is ask.  


Get professional help 

Getting a company to give you an office makeover is highly favored by most people. Not only will save on delivery fees rather than having to ship furniture you purchased on your own, but you can also be assured that they can get the job done – from procuring them up to installing them all in place. 


Make clear your plans to the team 

How you want your home or business office to look like is always up to you. When planning your dream office with a team of professionals, be clear about what you want and what you need, when you want it done, and how.  


Choose ideas and designs that represent you best 

Your office will be where you will spend most of your time in. Choose the carpet, wall paint, furniture finishes, etc. And take your time in doing so. No one can scrutinize a well-put- together office from a well-thought-out plan. 


Consider a lot of factors if you choose to do it on your own 

Factors like delivery, movers, installation, should be deliberated. But if there are helpful men and women in the family, then there wouldn’t be much of a problem.  


A carefully planned office space and that is skillfully executed can make for a great work environment which can help you grow professionally and eventually be competent. 


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Why Should You Get High-Efficiency Solar Panels?

With regards to solar panel installation, the primary objective is to deliver maximum energy from the little space that you can afford. That is the reason high-efficiency solar panels flourish in the current market. They’re especially useful when your rooftop space is quite restricted.  

While conventional solar panels normally have 16 to 17% efficiency, modules tagged as “high-efficiency” are usually 19% effective. Numerous brands are currently driving their modules to a higher efficiency level of 22% or even better. 

The Advantages of HighEfficiency Solar Panels 

The primary advantage of higher-efficiency modules is a more dependable power output. Effective cells generate more power over an extended period of time. The newer techniques solar manufacturers use in developing their product results to very reliable solar panels with higher efficiency levels.  

However, increased power output and higher efficiency likewise mean costly solar panels. But that shouldn’t be one’s concern. After all, the higher efficiency modules can lead to great saving in the long run. Solar panel modules that deliver more power per square-meter require lower installation and maintenance cost simply because it requires fewer components.  

The Cost of High-Efficiency Solar Panels  

The cost of a solar panel depends on its power density. Other costs, such as labor, inverters, and land or roof area should be considered as well. It is more feasible to install highly efficient solar panels.”  

Solar panel installers increment efficiency in various ways. The mere idea of removing bus bars or ribbon interconnections can go a long way. By placing the cells closer together, inactive space is reduced, thus increasing power and efficiency. Other techniques include utilizing the back-contact technology that places every electrical contact on the back of the cell to make more space on the front to collect more energy. The use of smaller solar cells also effectively increases capacity without expanding the area. Smaller cells are also less susceptible to microcracks that affect output over time.  

On Choosing High-Efficiency Solar Panels 

But while high-efficiency modules are so good, there are still a lot of people that rather use the lower efficiency options. Though generally speaking, there are ones that have the luxury of space that they don’t need to spend extra for the same power output. However, high-efficiency modules are still best for users with limited space to work with.  

Additionally, high-efficiency panels are also preferred by people who have issues with shading, obstructions, and slanted roofs. In all these cases, high-efficiency solar panels prove to work best. Solar panels usually deteriorate after 10 years of use. While manufacturers may offer a 25-year warranty, they may not be around for that long.  

High-efficiency modules offer better performance and less deterioration. They are expected to produce more power for a long time. So when you’re choosing solar panels, don’t just check the wattage. You may also want to take a look at its efficiency rating. There are several solar packages in Perth that you can check out. Choose wisely when shopping for solar panels and always seek an expert if you have questions about it.  

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Why you should Hire professionals to care for your Lawn  

There is something so beautiful and peaceful in a well taken care lawn. It’s like a sneak peek at what is really inside your home. It adds curb appeal and increases the home value of your property. Taking care of your lawn even as simple as lawn mowing Prairie Village would do so much to the aesthetic purposes of it. So, in this article, you will learn why you should hire professionals to care for your lawn instead and how to find the one perfect lawn care professional for you.  


Most of the time, the biggest reason why one would hire professionals to do the job is very simple, it’s because of time. Time is a treasure, and with a busy life you would want to maximize your time between your career and the most important moments in life, spending it with love ones. You can’t be spending your free time fixing your lawn. When you have so much more going on in your life.  

Another reason for that is that expertise. There are so many mistakes that could happen if you tackle the job yourself and that could end up jeopardizing the integrity of your lawn. So, many home owners would prefer hiring a lawn care professional instead.  

So, what are the things that you should be looking for in your lawn care professional. The points below are in no certain order and is most likely there just to make a point. 


Professional lawn care services will come armed with professional equipment that will help them achieve the desired result without problems. As each person is capable of doing the job, of course you can invest in the same equipment, however if you aren’t using it as much as them, you can wave your investment buh-bye.  


Professional lawn care services will of course have the experience needed that would ensure that your lawn is looking the way you want it too. Looking picture perfect or that it came straight out of a magazine. This is something that you don’t have or you can’t compete with unless you are doing an amazing lawn care business.  

Cost Considerations  

Hiring someone for any type of job will cost you something. However, when you think about it and weigh the pros and cons of the whole thing. You might discover that costs would be much more efficient when you hire professional lawn care services to finish the job for you.   

Word of Mouth  

You should also listen to references and the overall reputation of a lawn care service company. Usually, they would be telling the truth of how a company operates and if it’s worth it. If it’s not then you should stay away from that. Just so, you don’t have to invest into something that you might later regret. If hiring a professional is expensive well wait until you hire an amateur. You’ll know how much more expensive they are.  

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